Transitioning to a Gluten Free Life

Hi all, Whitney here! Today I want to chat about transitioning and fully committing to a gluten free lifestyle. Once you understand why you can’t eat gluten and all of the “fun” science behind it, then it sinks in…. no more gluten foods…forever. Don’t think of it as this crazy task, think liberation!! You finally have the answer to not feel sick anymore! Lets start this off on a positive note. Think of all the possibilities you have now (and how much better you feel!) compared to even a year ago! Gone are the days where you have to settle for mediocre gluten free bread because there are no other options. Let me tell you- there are options!! Now, don’t let me fool you into thinking it is gluten free rainbows and wheat free unicorns all the time. It’s not. It’s going to be hard but I am here to hopefully offer you some solid advice to make your transition a little easier. Get rid of temptation. That’s right. Clean out the kitchen of anything that you can’t eat anymore! This only applies to those who have a completely gluten free household. For those of you with family that are non gluten-free, try to convert or separate your food items completely. : ) Keeping food with gluten might lead to accidently eating or cheating. (which is never a smart idea) Check the hidden areas. We know the obvious culprits of gluten foods but make sure you are reading every dang label for secret gluten. (think sauces, chewing gum, candy etc.) If you take any vitamins or daily medications, double check with the manufacturer that they are in fact gluten free! [This is especially important if there is a generic version of a medication, and not name brand] Cross contamination cleanse. It is probably a little unrealistic to go out and buy all new kitchen supplies and gadgets (who doesn’t like an excuse to go shopping?) but it is important to make sure you are eliminating cross contamination in your home! This entails thoroughly cleaning all items that have come into contact with gluten. Cutting boards, utensils, appliances etc! If you are living in a household with gluten eaters, make sure you do invest in a dedicated gluten free toaster. Reach out for support You are not alone! Connect with your local support group, either attend meetings in person, or check online as there is a huge gluten free community that is extremely knowledgeable! Play with your food! This is a great excuse to get into the kitchen and start playing with new recipes! You don’t have to be the next Top Chef to make delicious gluten free meals. Magazines like Delight Gluten Free and Living Without’s Gluten Free & More are filled with easy to make new recipes each month, so you’ll never get bored! I know it’s a difficult switch but it will lead to a healthier, happier you! Of course we wanted to include some advice from the gluten free pros out there! Annie from Annie’s Gluten Free Grub says “Find support in your gluten free community, online and in your city. We have all been in your shoes in the beginning” Kyra, owner of Kyra’s Bakeshop and 3 time winner of Cupcake Wars! “Start experimenting with new ingredients, like quinoa, or millet instead of pasta” Wise words from both Annie and Kyra “Read labels, life gets better and experiment with food” “Give yourself a bit of time to mourn the loss of your old care-free lifestyle. Then let it go. Don't carry any anger. Don't carry any resentment. You're gluten free now for life. Don't let it define you. Let it become your new normal.” - The Gluten Dude “Celebrate the little victories along the way. Your first batch of homemade gluten-free cookies… Success! Finding a new restaurant that can safely serve you… Success!” - Chandice from Gluten Free Calendar Have any transition tips to include? Comment below!   Peace, Love and Granola, Whitney