Juice Juice and more Juice!

For my birthday this year I got a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer!(insert happy squeals here) I have been wanting one for quite some time because I have read so many articles about the benefits of juicing and how to start making your own juice. I quickly became a little google crazy on finding different recipes.... I didn't know if I wanted to start off strong and start with all those leafy greens. I mean I love my fair share of kale, but to start my morning off with kale juice didn't seem like something I was ready for just yet. But I gave it a shot and I was wrong! I now love having a big glass of green juice in the morning! (This was one of my first attempts so I threw some oranges in there)  Apples, Oranges (take the peel off for less bitterness) Kale, and a little ginger


After I somewhat mastered a good tasting green juice, I started experimenting with other veggies. [caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="224"] Carrots, beets, oranges and a little bit of green apple! YUM![/caption] Have you juiced before or do you like to make smoothies instead? What are you favorite recipes? I am always on the hunt for new ones so please share. Peace, Love & Granola, Whitney