Happy New Year!

Hooray to launching Bakery On Main’s blog on New Years Day!

This year, Bakery On Main wanted to make a resolution. Since we don’t need to lose 20lbs, eat “better”, quit smoking, go to the gym “more” or any of the usual pledges people make, we decided to make a happy resolution. We want to continue to make customers happy. Plain and simple. We will continue to be at as many celiac events as possible. (Gluten free samples = happy celiacs) We want to make sure to keep supporting Celiac groups nationwide, support our gluten free athletes, and of course do as many giveaways and contests on Facebook and Twitter that we can. Let us know what you want to see from us!

My take on resolutions: Every year I seem to make the same resolutions as well. -Be more organized -Manage my money better -Volunteer more .....and by the end of the year, I usually am back in the same place I started. So this year I am saying goodbye to negative resolutions and saying HELLO to a positive pledge! I encourage you to make optimistic resolutions as well. Think of something little to incorporate into your daily/weekly/monthly life that will have a positive effect.

They don’t have to be something that requires a great deal of effort. For example, my resolution is to wear earrings every day.( I have a lot of earrings, the picture on the right only shows about half!) It is a little silly and maybe not much of a resolution but it is something that will make me smile every day, and let’s be honest….who doesn’t like to smile? : ) Share your resolutions for 2012 with me! I can’t wait to hear them : ) Peace, Love & Granola Whitney