Gordon Biersch Brewery in Louisville, Kentucky - Gluten Free Grubspots

Hey Y'all, Sorry, still got that Southern drawl hangover from my recent trip to Louisville, Kentucky to show off Truebar to all the IronMan athletes! For those of you who have not been to Louisville, I urge you to jump on any opportunity you get to visit. It's really quite a nice city, very clean, energetic, easy to navigate, and filled with friendly people. They have this beautiful waterfront park on the edge of the Ohio with a handful of walking/running/biking paths as well as playgrounds and water fountains for kids. I think the neatest thing was instead of your average park bench they opted for swing benches. Very cool, see below.


Another great thing about Louisville, there were an abundant number of gluten free options to eat at. I used Find Me Gluten Free as usual and was able to locate a number of spots throughout the city where I could grab a gluten free bite to eat. There seemed to be a fair number of Mediterranean restaurants that served kabobs, salads and hummus with veggies which are all gluten free. One such place that I was very disappointed to find out was only open for lunch was Zoes Kitchen. As I was in the IronMan Expo everyday till 5pm I didn't make it to Zoe's but I they had a very delectable looking gluten free menu.

For the sake of variety and not settling for Mexican again I decided to eat my meal at Gordon Biersch Brewery. The food reviews were good and it was nearby so I figured why not. I walked over from my hotel and the restaurant was located right at the end of Louisville's famous Fourth Street Live a great place to sit outside and have a meal. So the restaurant has an excellent location and I was able to get right in and sit at the outside bar.

So, the meal. Well you know those restaurants with clear gluten free options, or better yet a separate gluten free menu? Yeah, this is not one of those places. They have an "allergen menu" which means I have to go through everything on the menu and see if they contain gluten. Just what I want to do after a long day, nice. Take a look below, and these were just the pages I was interested in.

I went with the started with the southwest egg rolls and opted for the seared ahi tuna (Was a Chef's Favorite so figured I better) with a glass of malbec for my meal. The food was decent, not really exploding with flavor. I still like Chili's Southwest eggrolls better. The tuna was probably the best part, I appreciated the quinoa kale pilaf side as it was the perfect healthy side I was looking for. (Plus I love Quinoa) Anyway check out the pics I took of my food below.

Overall rating from me... B-, I liked that they have gluten free meals. However, I am bitter about the fact that you have to go on a witch hunt to find them. Plus as I said the food was not exploding with flavor.

Check it out for yourself and let me know about your experience. Been there already? What did you think?

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Oh another cool thing about Kentucky, tons of horse drawn carriages in all different styles. (I know, with Kentucky's horse culture not a huge surprise but neat anyway.)

Check out this one!