Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Granola Becomes NEXTY Consumer Choice Finalist



East Hartford, CT - The NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards is a branch of the NEXTY Awards program through which brands can have their product sent to 1,000 targeted consumers, who then vote on their favorite products in the categories of Food and Beverage and Natural Living and Supplements.

Carried out in conjunction with New Hope Network’s technology partner Sampler, this awards program helps brands target their sampling efforts while providing them with valuable product feedback and ratings that can help companies gauge market acceptance of their products.

We are pleased to announce that Bakery On Main's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Granola is 1 of 6 finalists for this year's NEXTY award in the Food & Beverage category. Learn more here

Here is one of our favorite reviews of this product:

"My addiction to these little clusters is one for which I am extremely unapologetic. The snack-bite size, the pleasant dark chocolate taste, and the sea salt that tops them are all individually satisfying to me; combined they are heaven. Officially my go to snack.”

Bakery On Main Makes Life Easy With All New Packaging.

East Hartford, CT – Bakery On Main has debuted a striking new look on packaging, designed to help consumers easily identify the brand’s safe and trusted gluten free products on shelf. The updated design combines the iconic elements of the original package design, including the quaint bakery feel, with updated graphics and bold colors. The design update brings a fresh new look for the natural foods brand, with amped up the shelf appeal across entire line up of products.

“Bakery On Main has been a mainstay for gluten free consumers looking for great tasting, safe gluten free foods”, said Michael Smulders, President and Founder. “As we continue to innovate and expand our brand families and product lineup, we wanted to refresh the brand look to make it easier to find on shelf, while at the same time, retaining some of the unique retro brand elements our consumers have told us they love.”

Bakery On Main partnered with CA Brand to develop a singular visual design that highlights brand elements including, punched up certification graphics and a bright brand color pallet that will create a strong visual brand block on shelf. The new design, aimed to make it easier for consumers to navigate to the brand on shelf, will appeal to the consumer seeking to find healthy, wholesome, safe and certified gluten free products. Bakery On Main’s new packaging is rolling out at retailers across the United States both in brick and mortar and on e-commerce.

Since 1992, Bakery On Main has been making life easy on main street by crafting delicious gluten-free and celiac friendly granola. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy food that doesn’t sacrifice taste for wholesomeness and fits perfectly with any individualized dietary wants and needs. Their mission is to provide simple, effortless eating and snacking.


Bakery On Main Introduces New Grain-Free Clusters with MCT Oil Snack Line

East Hartford, CT – Bakery On Main is expanding its already diverse portfolio of gluten-free cereals and snacks with the addition of a certified Paleo and Keto Grain Free Cluster Trail Trek Blend snack line.

Responding to growing consumer demand for both Paleo and Keto snacking options, Bakery On Main launched its new Grain Free Clusters Trail Trek Blend.  Great tasting and with just 6g of total sugar and less than 7g net carbs per serving, the Grain Free Clusters offer consumers a delicious grain free snack.  Made with only the cleanest ingredients, the MCT added energy food features the inclusion of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) extracted from coconut oil.   “With the addition of this new product we hope to eclipse the already high expectations and the satisfaction that our customers have come to know from Bakery On Main,” said Michael Smulders, President & Founder. “We are very excited about the inclusion of MCT Oil in this new product line as it gives consumers an instant source of energy.”

Available in an 8 oz stand up resealable bag featuring an eye-catching design, the Grain Free Clusters are available in two popular varieties including Chocolate and Maple Vanilla Trail Trek blends.  Certified Paleo, Keto, Gluten-Free, NON GMO Project Verified and Dairy and Casein Free, the suggested SRP is $6.99.


 Bakery On Main Introduces Organic Oats & Happiness Oatmeal Cups

New Certified Organic & Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cups Line with Protein and Probiotics

East Hartford, CT – A delicious bowl of premium oatmeal is always a comforting and satisfying way to start any day. When it is easy and quick to prepare, packed with bakeshop delicious flavor, convenient to bring with you wherever you go, and is also packed with the benefits of probiotic cultures or 10g of protein, it’s even better! That’s what you can enjoy with Bakery On Main’s new Organic Oats & Happiness oatmeal cups.

These wholesome oatmeal cups are available in three bakeshop delicious varieties; Almond & Vanilla, Cranberry Apple Almond, and Walnut Banana. Each offer 36g of whole grains per serving. Almond & Vanilla is a mix of certified gluten-free oats and quinoa, flavor-packed with roasted almonds and real vanilla, and boasts 10g of protein per serving while also being a good source of fiber. Cranberry Apple Almond combines certified gluten-free oats, dried cranberries, dried apples, roasted almonds, flax, buckwheat & sprouted chia seeds. Walnut Banana combines gluten-free oats with roasted walnuts, flax, dried bananas, and quinoa with the comforting flavors of molasses, cloves, & cinnamon. A good source of ALA and an excellent source of Fiber, both varieties are also made with probiotic cultures that support immune health.

Certified organic and gluten-free, NON-GMO Project Verified, vegan, and OU Kosher, the new Bakery On Main Organic Oats & Happiness oatmeal cups are third-party certified and made in Bakery On Main’s dedicated gluten-free facility. Created by a fiercely ethical company that prides itself on making products that consumers can trust and enjoy, this new line is sure to not disappoint. 

These new oatmeal cups are loaded with delicious flavor and wholesome, clean ingredients. Convenient single serve cup packaging and easy preparation by simply filling with water, microwaving, and stirring, makes these cups perfect for home or on-the-go. This new line is currently rolling out at retailers across the country and online for an SRP of $2.49 per single 1.9oz oatmeal cup.


Taste for Life has named Bakery On Main’s Organic Sprouted Maple Quinoa Happy Granola a Food Essentials Award Winner in the Breakfast Corner Category! 

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Taste for Life has named Bakery On Main’s Blueberry Scone Instant Oatmeal with Ancient Grains a Back to School Essentials Awards Winner in the Better Breakfasts Category! 

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Today’s Dietitian shared Bakery On Main’s NEW Organic Creamy Hot Breakfast is a new line of breakfast items! Available in 2 different varieties, each containing 27.5G of whole grains. 

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Bakery On Main’s Organic Happy Muesli gets a shout out from Today’s Dietitian as a new gluten free variety of the traditional Swiss cereal. 

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Thrive Magazine for Better Living wants you to Warm up this Winter with Instant Oatmeal – Bakery On Main Instant Oatmeal & Muesli! 

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Bakery On Main’s Organic Creamy Hot Breakfast was featured in Food & Nutrition Magazine as one of the newest food trends to discover in your supermarket!

Food & Nutrition Magazine discovers the new food items on supermarket shelves. Check us out here. reviews our Organic Creamy Hot Breakfast as a great choice to start your morning!

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Check out what Grocery Headquarters had to say about our New Organic Happy Muesli! The newest member of the Bakery On Main family. 

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Bakery On Main’s Stacey Okimura Interviewed by

Bakery On Main’s Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Stacey Okimura was interviewed by at the Healthy and Natural show in Chicago, IL. Stacey spoke about the increase interest in allergen free food by the general consumer and what the future holds for gluten free foods. 

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Bakery On Main Introduces 4-4-8 Granola Bars

New Certified Gluten-Free Bars Feature 4 Grams of Protein and Fiber and 8 Grams of Sugar

East Hartford, CT – Bakery On Main, a leading provider of gluten-free breakfast foods and snacks, is introducing their new 4-4-8 Granola Bars. An audaciously premium makeover to the company’s original granola bar lineup, these new bars feature an ideal combination of four grams of protein, four grams of fiber, and eight grams of sugar. Certified gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and made in the USA with a clean ingredient list, the lineup is also free of dairy, casein and refined sugar and is low in sodium, trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Packaged in vibrant and fun five-pack boxes, the fearlessly unique 4-4-8 Granola Bars make an inviting and happy breakfast or snack. The product’s bakeshop delicious flavors include: Oats & Honey, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Bakery On Main’s founder Michael Smulders shared, “With every new product we pursue, the Bakery On Main team does extensive consumer research to discover the perfect combination of nutritional value and incredible taste. Our new 4-4-8 Granola Bars hit on four major points we found important to today’s health-conscious, on-the-go consumers: they pack a powerful protein punch, are high fiber, low in sugar, and taste absolutely delicious!”

Bakery On Main’s gluten-free 4-4-8 Granola Bars are currently rolling out at natural food retailers across the country and online for an SRP of $4.99 per 6oz box.

Bakery On Main Introduces Rolled, Quick & Steelcut Happy Oats

New Certified Gluten-Free Lineup Provides a Good Source of Protein & an Excellent Source of Fiber

East Hartford, CT – Heart-healthy, simple and classic, a bowl of cooked oats has a way of making you feel happy and comforted on a cool day. When it comes to feeding ourselves and our family healthy meals, there’s nothing as tried and true as pure oats. That’s why Bakery On Main is introducing a new lineup called Happy Oats.

Certified gluten free, NON-GMO Project Verified, vegan, and OU Kosher, Happy Oats are made in the USA at Bakery On Main’s dedicated gluten-free facility and are monitored by a third party certifier from farm to fork. Created by an unabashedly real company that produces products celiac customers can trust, the ingredients for new Happy Oats are simple: Certified Gluten-Free Whole Grain Oats.

The lineup’s three inviting varieties include: Happy Rolled Oats, Happy Quick Oats, and Happy Steelcut Oats. The steelcut oats are sliced into two to three pieces and take about 30 minutes to cook. The rolled oats (aka “old-fashioned oats”) have been steamed and flattened and take about 15 minutes to cook. The quick oats have been cut into several pieces before being steamed and flattened into thinner flakes and take about five minutes to cook. Each whole grain, nutritional powerhouse is free of preservatives and naturally provides a good source of protein. They are also an excellent source of heart-healthy fiber and are low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol.

“Great taste and superior quality have been our mission since we began as a small bakery over ten years ago,” shared Bakery On Main’s founder Michael Smulders. “While our celiac customers can feel confident that our Happy Oats are safe because they are monitored by a third party from farm to fork, our natural oats are universally delicious regardless of dietary restriction.”

Available in vibrant and fun packaging, Bakery On Main’s audaciously premium Happy Oats are currently rolling out at natural food retailers across the country and online for an SRP of $6.49 for a 24oz bag.

Bakery On Main’s Founder and President, Michael Smulders, was invited to be a live guest on The Colin McEnroe show on WNPR on Thursday January 28, 2016. Michael and the other guests spoke with Colin McEnroe about cereal as a culture, the history of cereal, and make you tap into your childhood memories at the cereal bowl. It is a very informative discussion that also keeps you smiling the whole way through. Follow the link below to listen to all of the fun!

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Check out what Phil Lempert, the “Supermarket Guru”, thinks about Bakery On Main’s Maple Vanilla Nut Crunch and why he says it’s a HIT as a much more nutritious snack than you might think!!

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Bakery On Main’s Blueberry Cobbler Nut Crunch has recently been selected as a 2015 Gluten Free Essentials Award Winner under the category ‘snacks’ through Taste of Life in their October Issue!

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Bakery On Main in the Hartford Business Journal

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Bakery On Main President; CT Small Business Person of the year Award

April 8, 2015 All of us at Bakery On Main want to say congratulations to our Founder and President, Michael Smulders for becoming the Connecticut U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2015 Small Business Person of the Year!

This award is a direct result of Michael’s dedication, entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen to the community he serves. For the past 20 years, Michael has been a small business owner in Connecticut. He founded both Bakery On Main as well as Garden of Light, a natural foods store in Avon Connecticut.

 Michael is an integral part of the Bakery On Main day-to-day operations and has created a unique culture where employees are encouraged to learn and grow.

You can read the full Small Business Administration Press Release here:

Bakery On Main Introduces Sweet & Salty Nut Crunch Snacks 

New Certified Gluten-Free Clusters are Free of Artificial Flavors and Preservatives and Non-GMO Verified 

East HartfordCT – Bakery On Main first started with a mission to create gluten-free products that are good for you but taste like they aren’t. Having refined that skill over the years, the independently-owned company’s new Nut Crunch Snacks accomplish that goal and then some.  

Crafted with care in the company’s dedicated gluten-free facility, every delectable cluster features a sweet and salty mix of cashews, almonds, pecans and walnuts, certified gluten-free oats, and sweet fruit bits or chocolate. Certified gluten free (GFCO), Non-GMO Project Verified, dairy and casein free, and OU Kosher Certified, this good-for-you snack is made without artificial flavors or preservatives, low in sodium, and free of trans fat and cholesterol.  

 “Listening to what customers want has been our inspiration since day one,” said Bakery On Main’s Founder Michael Smulders. “We see people eating our gluten-free granola cereal as a snack all the time, so we thought, why not create a new treat that’s designed for satisfying those mid-day munchies. The response has been phenomenal! Our Nut Crunch Snacks taste great, offer whole food nutrition, and make people smile. To us, that’s a goal accomplished.” 

A sweet and salty, delightfully addictive treat, Bakery On Main’s Nut Crunch Snacks will be available at select retailers across the country by Fall 2015 and are currently sold online at The lineup comes available in six bakery-inspired flavors, which include: Original, Blueberry Cobbler, Chocolate, Maple Vanilla, Chocolate Peppermint and Chocolate Orange. The SRP is $5.99 for a 4oz bag. Nut Crunch: Crunch Smart. Crunch Happy.

Bakery On Main Announces New Vice President of Sales 

January 15th, 2015 – Paul Connolly joins Bakery on Main as Vice President of Sales and new business development for both national and international markets. He has over 20 years of experience in sales and business development positions at Fortune 500 consumer products companies, including Annie’s Inc., Cadbury Schweppes PLC, The Clorox Company and Kraft Foods. 

Prior to joining Bakery on Main, Paul was the Director of Sales for Annie’s Inc, where he successfully led Sales Teams. He managed a diverse portfolio of Annie’s products and was responsible for helping  manage the companies explosive growth in the mass channel(Target & Walmart), Canadian grocery, and Central US Grocery business.   

Paul holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Systems and Economics from Michigan State University.

Bakery On Main Honored by The Gourmet Retailer

August, 2014 – Congratulations! The Gourmet Retailer is pleased to honor your product as being among the year’s most outstanding retail items. We faced the tough challenge of choosing the best of the best from a range of companies across food categories. It was no easy feat selecting top new products in terms of innovation, taste and overall value.

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Bakery On Main’s Apricot Almond Chai Truebar Selected as a Finalist in Delicious Living Magazine’s 2014 Best Bite Awards!

BOULDER, Colorado, June 17, 2014 – Delicious Living magazine, a trusted health and wellness resource for more than 25 years, announces the winners of its second annual Best Bite Awards. These awards feature the top natural, organic and healthy living packaged food and beverage products now available on store shelves. “We are thrilled to present the winners and finalists for Delicious Living’s second annual Best Bite Awards,” says Senior Food Editor Jenna Blumenfeld. “With an eye toward clean ingredients, exceptional nutrition, and of course, top-notch taste, these exemplary products embody what the natural industry is truly about: excellent health, conscious sourcing, and pure deliciousness.”

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Clean Eating Magazine Selects Bakery On Main Traditional Oatmeal!

April 1, 2014 – Clean Eating Magazine annually hosts the Clean Choice Awards where the magazine highlights a number of packaged products that they feel are the best of the best in terms of clean (whole foods with little to no processing) and healthy. The products are judged on taste, mouthfeel, addictiveness, ingredients, responsible packaging, and time-saving convenience.

Well, guess what? Our Traditional Oatmeal won! That’s right, the same traditional oatmeal that is made up of certified gluten free oats, and ancient grains like chia, flax, quinoa and amaranth. We’re now so excited to say that when you eat our traditional oatmeal, you are eating a 2014 clean choice winner!

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Bakery On Main Announces New Production Facility

November 2013 – In response to overwhelming consumer demand for Bakery On Main products, the gluten free company announced today its plans for a much larger new production facility and corporate headquarters. The 10 Million dollar renovation of an existing 110,000 square foot facility is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2014 and to be fully operational next summer. The new facility will be more than three times larger than the current plant and allow for future continued growth. The new dedicated gluten free and Non-GMO Project verified facility will have state-of-the-art quality and hygienic production, SQF 3 Global Food Safety Certification in addition to being Kosher OU Parve, Non-GMO Project Verified and GFCO Certified Gluten Free.

Bakery On Main’s Fiber Power Cinnamon Raisin Granola named Best Granola in Men’s Health’s 2013 Annual 125 Best Foods for Men Issue!

November 2013 – Every year, Men’s Health Magazine analyzes more than 1,000 supermarket food items to find the very best for men. The magazine awards points for products that are low in calories, high in protein and fiber, and made with whole ingredients. They then par down their selections and hold taste tests to determine the final winners. In the case of a tie, the item with the shortest ingredient list wins. This year Bakery On Main Cinnamon Raisin Fiber Power Granola won best granola! At Bakery On Main we are very excited and honored to accept this honor!

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Progressive Grocer Awards Truebar

September 12, 2012 – Truebar was selected by Progressive Grocer for the 2012 “Editors’ Picks”. Truebar was recognized, out of a pool of more than 300 entries, as one of the best new consumer products introduced in 2012. It was honored as “Editors’ Picks” in the August 2012 print issue of Progressive Grocer as well as on the Progressive Grocer website. The supermarket industry publication reaches more than 50,000 people each month through its print and online versions.