April Holiday Granolamelon!

We know some of you will be celebrating holiday’s this weekend, so I challenged our R&D team Jegadish and Jennifer, to come up with a dish that is fun to make and spring themed, perfect for this weekend’s activities! One thing you should know about our R&D team is… they are magnificent at what they do! They came up with the perfect creation to make alongside your egg coloring! It’s simple, you'll just need the following: -1 large clean cutting board to cut your watermelon and use as a base when you use the cookie cutters -1 large seedless watermelon -Large Chef’s knife -Animal shaped cookie cutters -A melon baller or a Parisian scoop (If you want to be fancy about it!) -Plastic wrap -Colorful toothpicks or coffee straws Be sure to read through the directions before starting the recipe. First thing you will need to do is cut off the ends of your watermelon (about 2 inches in from the end.) Save these because you will use them later. Next, cut full circle slices of your watermelon about 1 inch thick. Use your animal shaped cookie cutters to cut out pieces of the watermelon. Once you have made as many shapes from the watermelon slice as possible, cut another 1 inch thick piece and repeat. After you have finished cutting out shapes, use the melon baller to scoop out the ends of the watermelon. You can either eat the watermelon balls or serve them along with your shaped pieces! After you have cleaned out the watermelon ends, use the plastic wrap to line the inside of them. You now have a perfect serving bowl! You can fill it with nuts, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, or follow our lead and fill it with Bakery On Main Granola! To decorate the serving bowl, stick the toothpicks around the bowl and place some of your animal cutouts on them. So it looks like the below picture. Have fun with it and decorate it in any way you wish! Your kids are sure to have enjoy making it, and the best part? It is a gluten free, Non-GMO healthy and refreshing dish! Any suggestions on a name for our latest Bakery On Main recipe? Whoever’s nomination is chosen will win a Bakery On Main sample pack! 

UPDATE 4/21/14 - Thank you to Samantha Mackie for helping us with naming this recipe! For better living, -Bill