"What is Celiac Disease?" Infographic

A few weeks back I was telling my Dad and Mom about our office gluten free challenge. As I was explaining the challenge to them, they both kept asking "But, why are you doing it? Why are you avoiding all these foods and items with gluten in them?" I then realized they had absolutely no clue what Celiac Disease was! In fact I will admit, the only reason I know what Celiac Disease is, is because I work here at Bakery On Main. So in honor of Celiac Awareness month, I decided to create this little infographic that we can all share with friends and family who may not know what Celiac Disease is! To end the awareness month with a real bang, lets share this with as many people as we can to spread the word. There are so many people who still really have no clue what the disease is, and there are more people in America with Celiac than Alzheimer's! (3,000,000 vs. 2,000,000) Make it your goal to inform at least one person today about what Celiac Disease is. Share this article, and pin the infographic to your boards, raising awareness starts with us! For better living, -Bill