We have the best customers !

  After reading this email today, I am convinced we have the best customers!   Hello There: I've just put my hand into a bag of Extreme Fruit & Nut Granola for the First Time. I am THRILLED! Last March my husband of 30 yrs decided to change his life. He began to work out and he's lost almost 100 pounds. Although I don't have a weight problem we both started eating VERY differently to support his life change. One of the things I've missed so very much is a crunchy snack like microwave popcorn. And I've read lots of articles on how store/shelf granola Really isn't that healthy for you (if you read what's actually In them). So I've made a few homemade recipes and tried lots of different things to satisfy my Need to snack. Some were fine. Others failed. LOL We're basically "shopping along the wall" at the store and we've gone gluten free. No, your Extreme Fruit and Granola doesn't taste like popcorn - it's FAR better and satisfies my sweet tooth TOO. What a perfect combination and how wonderful to have a snack that I can crunch on like popcorn BUT it's good for me because you took the time to select the right things. Thank you so very much. Just....... WOW........ thank you! I wanted to write right away and I look forward to trying the other kinds you make as well. I wish you every success! Please continue to create wonderful gluten-free goodies. And if someone in your company ever has a bad day - please share my email so they might remember that what they do is important and very much appreciated!