We Feel the Gluten Free Love!


Here at Bakery On Main, we are so lucky to have such great fans!!  Not only do we get to chat with you at gluten free events, local events and on social media but we love hearing from you via email too! We wanted to share some of the gluten free love with you and of course encourage to share your experience with us!    "My daughter and I both have Celiac disease, and because we get bored with our usual GF choices, we have attended the Gluten Free Expo in Schaumburg, IL for the last 2 years to find new snacks we might like. This year, we were lucky enough to pick up a few samples of your original Nut Crunch Snack. It's delicious!!"   "I frequently enjoy many of your gluten free products, including Blueberry Oatmeal, all GF Granolas, Fruit & Nut True bars, and your Extreme Trailmix Bars. My daughter and I love love love all of these! I was so discouraged when I was first diagnosed with gluten allergies after becoming pregnant, until I found your GF foods. Thank you for creating quality gluten-free food that tastes better (much) than the box it comes in! I can not say that for many of the other GF foods I have tried."   "I recently discovered your line and my life was reborn. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and I really let that diagnosis bring me down for a while. But after feeling sorry for myself I decided to turn it around! I was ready to kick gluten out of my life forever! I did notice how gluten free products are just soooo expensive but this investment is better than doctor copays! But not only am I here to learn more each day to to educate my family and friends that gluten free is the way to go! And after finding you it is soo much easier so thank you! I super duper love your gluten free granola, however I am still on the hunt for your granola bars.. Thanks for making the transition easier and meals tastier!"   "I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I tried your cereal for the first time this week and it was awesome. It was on sale at Target and I thought, why not. I bought the extreme fruit and nut granola. Great product, great taste. Keep up the great work!"   What is your favorite way to get in touch with us? Share below!  Peace, love and granola, Bakery On Main