Walk your way to a better you, one step at a time!

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to drive to the gym, or yoga class? Well to get some exercise you don’t have to have some rigorous workout routine in mind. Walking for just 20-30 minutes a day can be of great benefit to you and your health! It can help lower cholesterol (the bad kind) manage your weight, put you in a better mood, lower your risk for heart disease or developing diabetes. The best thing, besides all of the health related benefits, it’s FREE! All you need is a comfortable but sturdy pair of sneakers and you are ready to hit the road. To make it interesting you can take different routes around your neighborhood, or wear a pedometer and try to measure how far you are walking! (Have a little competition with yourself and try to walk farther than the day before) Set a daily goal of steps and get steppin! An easy way to get in extra steps is to park your car a little farther from the office or grocery store and they will add up before you know it. The biggest excuse people will give is “I don’t have time” Here are some ways you can sneak some walking in:
  • Set your alarm (and actually get up) just 15 minutes earlier and go for a 10 minute morning walk
  • DVR your favorite TV show and use 10-15 minutes you saved not watching commercials
  • Get off Facebook or other social media sites! Allow yourself a reasonable limit a day and that’s it!
  • Pack your lunch and plan your outfit the night before
  • Make two dinners one night so you can walk in the evening and not worry about preparing dinner the next night!
  • Put your bluetooth /headset on and catch up with a friend and walk at the same time
And I understand for all those people saying "it's too cold out right now" Living in Connecticut during the winter months can be discouraging, but throw on an extra layer, a hat, some gloves and get walking! : ) Here is a picture from my last walk !  What motivates you to get out of the house for a walk? What other outdoor activities do you enjoy? Peace, Love & Granola, Whitney