Valentines Day with Food Allergies

I love German Shepards, had to include this guy!

Valentines Day is nearly here and if you're anything like me (a 26 year old engaged marketer), you're wishing it wasn't! Okay, that didn't come out right, it is not that I don't like Valentines Day, I do, I promise. However, this holiday always proves to put some unneeded stress on men. A homemade meal and a movie on the couch, or fine dining and a movie theater? Italian or Mexican cuisine? Flowers or chocolates? Or both? These are all serious questions that guys have to consider. Allergies are another important factor to consider when trying to create the perfect romantic experience for your Valentine. For instance, my Valentine, who also happens to be my Fiance Hannah, is very allergic to cats, dogs and grass. So a visit to the animal shelter or romantic picnic is completely out! (Although, there isn't much grass showing in Connecticut in February (-: ) In all seriousness, allergies, or to be more specific, food allergies are very important to consider when planning. You don't want to give your date something that will make them sick and ruin the entire night or worse! Some of you may have heard of /read the blog Celiac and Allergy Adventures, for those of you who haven't it follows a woman named Amanda who has Celiac disease, among other allergies. Recently, her boyfriend Eric wrote a guest post about 'What It's Like to Date Someone with Food Allergies and Celiac Disease', I recommend reading it, as some of Eric's first hand experiences with Amanda may prove as useful knowledge for you. Another great post that may prove useful in your planning this week, is this one by Kristen Kauke. I found it really funny and interesting that both Kristen and Eric's posts mentioned kissing as a trigger for allergies. This is something most people wouldn't think of but an important thing to consider nonetheless. If your Valentine has Celiac Disease, a great resource to use is Find Me Gluten Free. Downloading the phone app will save you time and headaches in looking for restaurants that have a gluten free menu or will cater to the gluten free diet. Another thing that both Eric and Kristen mention is that it is very important to speak to someone at the restaurant to ensure they are taking the necessary food preparation steps to keep you or your date from getting sick. Here are some great resources to utilize when speaking to restaurant staff. Lastly, if you plan on getting your date some candy, be sure to check the labels and make sure that every ingredient is safe for your Valentine. Being careful pays off. If you find candy that is safe, but are worried about the taste, I'd be happy to personally taste test them for you! Just send them to our office here in Connecticut. In the name of research, I did try this giant gluten free peanut butter cup. However from now on, I think I'll be sticking to Reese's Peanut Butter cups as they just taste better in my opinion and are gluten free (except the heart shaped ones), according to this list of 'Gluten-Free Valentines Candy'. Also be sure to check out our Pinterest Board: Gluten Free for Valentine's Day. Thanks for reading and I hope this helped to you to ensure your Valentines have a wonderful and healthy Valentines day! Good luck! For Better Living, -Bill