The Bobcat Blast and Color Me Rad!

This weekend Whit and I took Truebar to two local events here in Connecticut, the Bobcat Blast a boys lacrosse tournament in South Windsor, CT and the Color Me Rad 5K! This is just a little recap of the festivities. Be sure to check out more photos on our Facebook page! The Bobcat Blast is a annual lacrosse tournament for Youth Boys from 3rd to 8th grade. It has grown steadily every year and this year totaled over 3,500 players and families! I knew it would be an excellent opportunity to hand out Truebars to some hungry young athletes! Lauren one of our newest Brand Ambassadors (and also my younger sister) helped me set up our tent at 7:00 am in time for the first games at 8 am. Lauren and myself at the Bobcat Blast! It was a beautiful day for lacrosse as the sun was shining and temperature was in the 70's all day. Overall we got great feedback on everyone who tried Truebar and had many coming back for more! It was especially great because we were able to meet so many local people from CT and MA who had never had the opportunity to try Truebar before!

Definitely looking forward to future events like this to meet more people from around CT!


Color Me Rad 5k is an awesome event that involves getting covered in color from head to toe! My friend Whitney (Two Whitneys!) and I got there around 7 AM to start setting up and there was already music blaring and people ready to run! We got our tent up fast and started handing out Truebars. We were lucky enough to be by the main stage so everyone was stopping by for a pre-race snack! The pre-race party was exciting with two Zumba instructors leading a couple of dances along with wheelbarrow contests, free t-shirts, and the most important…more color packets! After the first wave of runners returned they all gathered by the main stage (us!) and did a final color throw. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the day! It was just a cloud of color! (see picture below!) After watching two of them, Whitney and I finally joined for one and it was, well RAD!

After passing out more than 2,500 Truebars, the race was over and we were ready to pack up! We did run in to the question (pun intended) where you can get Truebar in CT! Make sure you check that out here - Store Locator Have you ever done a Color Me Rad 5k? Or another themed 5k? After seeing these crazy pics would you sign up? -Whitney