Restaurants in the gluten free world

It seems like every time you turn around there is another restaurant catering to the needs of celiac/gluten intolerant. Just last week I went to lunch with my mom and sister at Rein's Deli in Vernon, CT and saw this awesome sign on a designated gluten free food station: They also have a section in their frozen goods for purchase marked off:

I loved how they made it very apparent to anyone working in the kitchen, or even someone like myself walking by, that there was gluten free only zones! A lot more restaurants offer gluten free menus or have the gluten free dishes marked clearly. So I started to make a list of restaurants that have gluten free menus but the list is just so long! (What a great thing) So instead here is a link to the Chain Restaurant Gluten Free Menu's site that has a copious amount of options for you! Celiac Restaurant Guide Please share of any restaurants that you have had, good or bad experiences, even local restaurants that aren't on the list. Peace, Love & Granola, Whitney