Resources for New Celiacs and Gluten Avoiders

Each year (and day) the number of diagnosed Celiac disease sufferers and gluten avoiders rises immensely. Celiac disease, although a mystery still to some (looking at you Jimmy Fallon), has gone mainstream. Jumping right into a gluten free diet can be very difficult as many of the foods people are used to buying and eating are no longer viable options. To help make this transition smoother for these individuals and families, more and more programs have been developed to help people find their way through the gluten free lifestyle. At Bakery On Main we want to support these programs, as well as be a resource in the gluten free world. So each year we donate 1000's of products and coupons to programs that are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with Celiac and a gluten allergy. Here are a few resources worth looking into and utilizing. If you know someone who has been diagnosed with Celiac disease, please share this with them, so they can get help and start living free from gluten!   The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center - Gluten Free Care Package Program: Aside from being THE resource for Celiac Disease research. The University has created a Gluten Free Care Package Program that is completely free for those who have been newly diagnosed with Celiac disease through a biopsy. Along with providing samples to UCCDC, Bakery On Main also makes annual monetary donations towards the research that the University does; in hopes to find a cure for Celiac.  GFree Connect Care Packages: Three times per year GFree connect sends out a care pack filled with approximately 25 items to sample, along with coupons professional/ organization information like celiac centers, health care professionals, support groups, and more. The care packs cost $29.99 but new members will receive their first pack for $19.99. GFree Connect has a loyalty program where if you buy 8 consecutive care packs, you will receive the 9th free! It should also be noted that GFree Connect is also a great resource for articles on staying gluten free and a healthy lifestyle. Many of their articles are written by registered dietitians. Another one of the sites that Bakery On Main sponsors. If you are newly diagnosed with Celiac disease then you had better bookmark this site! This website is essentially a library of resources for the gluten free lifestyle. Everything from questions and answers for newly diagnosed people and gluten free diets to gluten free safe and forbidden lists, so you know what to buy when shopping. National Foundation for Celiac Awareness: Founded by Alice Bast, this organization is a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing diagnoses of celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders and improving quality of life for those on a lifelong gluten-free diet. The foundation has a great compilation of downloadable and printable tip sheets and guides, links to gluten free bloggers, webinars, events and more! Celiac Disease Foundation: Another great resource with similar goals to the NFCA. Check out their website for events and volunteer opportunities. We recommend checking out there 7 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan and their Celiac disease symptoms checklist. The checklist is great because you can show it to your doctor and get their recommendation on whether or not you should have the blood test to be formally diagnosed.   For more resources and groups that we recommend and support, visit our Community page! For better living, Bill