Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

I was thinking of what to make for dinner the other night and stumbled upon a great recipe for Quinoa-Stuffed Peppers on Vegetarian Times. I looked at the recipe and realized most of these ingredients were sitting in my refrigerator! Even though stuffed peppers are not known for their quick preparation and fast cooking time but they just sounded so delish..... I had to pick up the remaining items on my way home and of course forgot a couple things on the list and ended up having to make some substitutions. Instead of: -an onion, I chopped up some scallions - frozen spinach I used fresh

-canned tomatoes I used fresh

After preparing the food, I followed the recipe fairly closely and ended up with a great dinner!

I will definitely be making these again. Just now I know to make a lot more and freeze them. Those of you that area dairy free as well, just omit the cheese! Do you have a favorite stuffed pepper recipe? Please share! Peace, Love & Granola, Whitney