QA for a day!

Hi everyone! I have been working here at Bakery On Main for almost two years (Will be two years August 1st!) and I have always been fascinated by our hard working production and quality assurance teams. Its amazing the hours they put in and have great attention to detail to ensure the granola that you purchase is 100% awesome. I asked our Quality Assurance Manager, Jennifer, if I could be "QA for a day" and shadow her and Maria, (Quality Assurance Team Member) to see what their daily routine is like. I spent a good four hours with Maria and did not stop moving! She showed me as much as she could in that time and of course it still wasn't enough to grasp the whole job. A little bit of what we covered were oven checks (for temperature), gluten testing on every batch, moisture testing (raw ingredients) oatmeal shake tests (make sure quantities are even), checking the metal detectors, scales, date coder, and that every bag/bar/pouch is sealed! (even typing all of that makes me tired!) It was a lot of fun to do the testing and all of the math after to make sure everything is on point. A lot of these tests are done hourly, or every two hours so once you are done with one round and recording all of the data and testing for gluten, you are back to the start! Good thing Maria is a ball of energy because you definitely need high energy and strong attention to detail. My whole experience in QA rocked! It was so fun to be part of an essential part of everyday procedures. So if I am not at my desk you can probably find me in the QA office :) Ingredient Moisture Testing

QA plus Whitney!

If you have any questions about our quality assurance, feel free to ask below! Peace, Love & Granola, Whitney