Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen in Arizona - Gluten Free Grubspots

If you are in Arizona, do not miss your chance to get a great gluten free and organic meal at this trending grubspot. Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen was started back in 2002 by Rick Freedman at his Sedona location. The restaurant was an instant success and since has expanded to 5 locations throughout Arizona. On our recent trip to Tempe, Arizona for the IronMan expo Whitney and I stopped in to their Tempe location along with some of our gluten free friends including - Erica Dermer (from Celiac and the Beast), Chandice Probst and Bridgette from Gluten Free Calendar!

From left to right - Bill, Bridgette, Chandice, Erica, Whitney (wow we were all in alphabetical order!)

The first thing you notice is that nearly every item on their menu is available as a gluten free option, in addition their croutons, bread, and pasts's are all gluten free! Check out their menu for yourself here: Picazzo's Menu To start I ordered the baked wings for the table with half buffalo and half BBQ Chipotle, and Erica ordered some plain as well. They were delicious, I was worried how they were going to come out because I love my crunchy deep fried wings but, these were delicious. They had plenty of free range meat and still had a nice crunch! I must say however, watch out if you order the Buffalo. I love spicy and hot sauce covered things but I was impressed by their buffalo sauce. They bring the heat!   As for my entree, I am a pizza lover so building my own was a no brainer. They walk you through the steps and all your options on the menu, so everything is quite clear! You can see it pictured below. [gallery columns="2" type="slideshow" ids="|"] I went with a medium gluten free crust, organic sauce, daiya mozzarella, pepperoni, peppers and basil. My only confusion came when ordering the peppers and herbs, I wasn't clear if when you ordered herbs you got them all or had to pick one and the same with the peppers. No biggie. Here is my creation! Not-a-bad apizza pie! (In my best Mario voice) I was impressed with the gluten free dough, as I said I am an avid pizza devour-er and this tasted great! I was not a fan of the daiya mozzarella to be honest and probably would not go with that again. I am just not a fan of the sticky -tooth pasty consistency of it.

Overall I found this place to be a can't miss if you are living on a gluten free diet. Next time I am in Tempe I will be stopping back to try one of their other pasta or salad dishes. Plus they give you a cucumber in your water, now who doesn't love that?!

For better living,