Meet the HAPIfork

Say hello to the HAPIfork! We first heard about this innovative take on the average pronged utensil from the great folks over at theKitchn. This "smart fork" was designed to help you slow down your eating. The creators from HAPILABS have done extensive research since 2002 on the negative affects of eating your meals too quickly. Their studies have shown that eating at too fast of a pace can lead to weight gain, digestive problems, gastric reflux, and postoperative complications. So, enter HAPIfork. Created to give you information about your eating habits, HAPIfork tracks how long it actually takes you to eat your meal as well as the forkfuls you take per meal, per minute and the time gap between them. If the HAPIfork senses less than 10 seconds between each bite, it lights up and vibrates to remind you that "slow and steady lessens the waist". For those who want to track their meals over time, the information the HAPIfork collects can be uploaded to your HAPIlabs dashboard through its built-in USB. The HAPIfork also comes with access to the HAPIlabs mobile app and coaching program to help you alter your eating behavior. What are your thoughts on the HAPIfork? Ingenius or healthy habit overload? For better living, -Bill