Meet the Crunch Crusader!

Nickname: Crunchy Fun Fact: Can Bench Press 500 pounds Favorite Bakery On Main Product is: The one with my picture on it. Where is the Crunch Crusader from?  The Planet Smuldo. Tell us a little bit about your background/ upbringing: I travelled here from the planet Smuldo as an infant in a one person spacecraft, crash landing in a field in West Simsbury Connecticut.  I was nursed back to health by a family of squirrels, surviving primarily on acorns; which were surprisingly crunchy.  As I grew up and came into contact with you humans, I was dismayed by the sad and soggy snacking habits I encountered. I made it my mission to rid this world of inferior snacking and that is why I teamed up with Bakery On Main.  Nobody makes happy crunches like Bakery On Main so people everywhere should learn about the great product we have collaborated on to bring you… Bunches of Crunches!! How do you pack so much SUPER into your Superfood Grain-ola?  That is a trade secret, I cannot talk about it. How would you describe your sense of style?   It has been said that the Crunch Crusader is a slave to fashion but all I really want is to have a cape someday. What is your favorite part of your new Bunches of Crunches cereal?    Hearing that magical crunching sound when people eat it.