Happy National Pet Day!

It’s National Pet Day today so here at Bakery On Main, we wanted to share a little bit about our furry family members! Jennifer Z’s Crew! 

What Jenn has to say about her pups… Andy- Boston Terrier 8 years young, who was rescued through S.N.O.R.T (Short nose only dogs) He is my heart. This boy knows me inside and out!  Andy LOVES to play with balls- any type; tennis, rubber, even balance balls…lol  Jasper- Bostalian which is a Boston Terrier, Italian Greyhound mix. He is almost 3 and was rescued through Protector of animals. He is my momma’s boy and my feisty one. Loves to chase the birds, squirrels, and mice. Edge- Greyhound, 4 years young. He is our 6th Greyhound rescue through CGA (Connecticut Greyhound Adoption). He is my sweet, happy laid back one. This boy is always smiling. He loves to chase the rabbits in our yard. Drake- Greyhound 2 years young. He is our newest addition and our 7th Greyhound rescue. He was adopted from W.A.G (We Adopt Greyhounds) He is our first special needs dog. Unfortunately, he is going blind, but that isn’t slowing him down at all. He is a big, lovable, mush ball who thinks he’s a 75-lb. lap dog. Drake LOVES his tennis balls and can destroy one in under 30 seconds flat! The Salisbury Kitty’s Luna Salisbury- Joined Jen’s son, Matt, at college and is home as our grand-kitten now! Comet Salisbury- An ode to our recent loss. He was the happiest, greeting us at the door like a dog, resting on things- hard being a cat!  He was my constant speed bump in the middle of the kitchen, positioning himself 2 mm from the fridge door's swing, so he did not miss any available "snacks". Sylvester Salisbury- Came by skinny and shabby one day- now he is our "drop by" for breakfast and dinner stray. His trust has grown so we can share good ear scratches now and then and receive verbal hellos when we call his name. He is the neighborhood "boss"- cool, relaxed and rules the turf. Cassie’s “little nuggets” Saber and Arya   The Einig boys- Angus (big dog) and Bob (the cat that thinks he's a dog!)   Jennifer B’s Best-Buddy Buster and his friends Rex and Chico Buster was a rescue found on the street. A guy left him on the sidewalk and walked away as I was driving by. I stopped and asked the guy if it was his dog and he stared at me blankly. I told him to give him to me, he said, “God Bless You”. I figured it was a sign. He hadn’t been fixed or cared for and I brought him home. I didn’t know what to call him (because we have 2 cats) or what to do with him but kept feeling him say, “I’m Buster”. Well, I took him to the vet and he didn’t have a chip so they agreed to keep him and care for him until I could find him a home. I went to visit him every day and take him out for walks. We fell in love and a week and several hundred dollars later- Buster came come to live with his kitty cat brothers Rex and Chico. He travels with me everywhere I go. His favorite granola is the Organic Blueberry Flax and he’s a big fan of the Oat & Honey 448 Bars too. Kristin’s Main Pup Max! His original name was Maximus Decimus Meridus but we just call him Max. My Husband, Marcus, and I have had him since he was born! He’ll be 9 in September but acts like he’s still a puppy! He loves table scraps, especially cheese, but hates anything green! He loves running around in circles and lounging on the couch – he’s the sweetest pit you’ll ever meet and loves to smile! Xena Romero My name is Xena Romero and I am 1 ½ years old. I met my family when I was adopted in Salt Lake City Utah. I am an Australian Cattle Dog mixed with Pug and Sharpe. My favorite activates are jumping from rock to rock in Southern Utah, or running in the forests in Washington State. In this photo, I am on my way to the dog park to play with my friends. Please give your pets an extra treat to celebrate National Pet Day! Kaitlin’s Fur-Babies, Elmer and Ruby Elmer and Ruby are 8 years old and were both rescued at 5 weeks old from a dog hoarder who had close to 30 other dogs in the home, so they can be very scared around new people. They were rescued and originally named Max and Ruby until they could go home after they were 8 weeks old. When my Husband and I met them, we instantly fell in love! They each could fit in the palm of your hand they were so tiny. Ruby, we could tell was the feisty one and Elmer (still Max at that point) was much calmer. We noticed right away that he had a distinguishing characteristic though… a natural little mohawk! When we went to pick up Max, two small children came over to us to pet him. They asked his name and we told them we hadn’t picked one yet. They began saying name after name and before they left to join their parents, the young boy said, “What about Elmer?!” and just ran off. It was perfect! Elmer, it was. The next day we picked up Ruby because we were going to foster her until she found a home but we knew what that meant… she was already home. We loved her so much, too, that we couldn’t let her go! And her name had to stay Ruby… it was the perfect match to her personality! Now, Elmer and Ruby love being spoiled, chasing each other in the yard, lounging on anything super soft, and climbing to the highest point of a room to play their puppy version of king of the mountain- they race to be the first one to climb on the back of the couch, a pile of pillows, a laundry pile - you name it - and make sure to not let the other one up! Ruby is an explorer and a barker who snores while sleeping with her tongue out. Elmer always finds the smallest area to squeeze into and hide in and will stand right next to you huffing and whining until you pick him up if he doesn’t feel like jumping… and he still has the mohawk! They are the sweetest, cuddliest puppies with so much personality and my Husband and I are so lucky to have them in our lives! Happy National Pet Day!! Elmer and Ruby’s Cousins! Gotti, Elmo, and Piggy!!   Paul's Pal Doc Meet Doc Connolly! He is a 1 year old Golden Retriever pup. He likes chasing squirrels, digging holes, and playing with Paul's 6 year old son, Cormac. Val’s Favorite Little Mr.! Below is Mr. Babe, Yes Babe. When he was little, that is the name that he chose for himself. He is my 12-year-old little man. He is just like his mommy- big personality & loves to be around people.  He might as well be a dog. He loves to explore and be outside and hang with other animals. His nickname is Hunter since he is known for bringing home presents.  He is my furry bundle of joy and I love coming home to this face. Mr. Babe’s Buddy, Sofia!