Gluten Free Story Friday - Rosemary

We were so excited to get this in our mailbox recently, one of the best emails ever! "Hey bakery on Main, I had to reach out and share my experience with you all! Being a gluten free soy free vegan, its safe to assume that I am very limited when it comes to food choices. I work for a large fortune 500 company that sends me across the US, meeting with their partners. While on the road, I like to continue to eat healthy which leads me into local grocery stores. While traveling to Arizona in February I went into a Natural Grocers store. I was starving and I new to fill my hunger I needed something with nuts and carbs. Veggies were not going to cut it. I grabbed a few bags of peanuts and I figured I would try my luck in the granola and cereal isle. Time after time I do it to myself. Stand there and drool at the delicious gluten and soy filled options. And there it was like a shinning light from the heavens! I seen a bag of Hearty nut and fruit granola. I quickly grabbed a bag and began reaching blindly to the back of the shelf like a granola junkie checking to see if there were more. And there was! I was shocked. I walked out with my bag of granola and two bags of salted peanuts. When I got back to my hotel room I mixed both together and apon first bite I was shocked. Gluten free, seriously? I checked the ingredients again. Gluten free it was indeed! Since then, I am addicted. There are few things that bring me more pleasure then extreme fruit & nutty or maple cranberry. Thank you so much for making someone with such a limited diet happy again. It's all about the small pleasures in life. We all have our favorite foods and mine is granola. The only thing I request - In Schaumburg, Illinois where I live its hard to get your granola. I have checked everywhere. Whole foods doesn't carry it - unsure why. Dominicks carries competitors - which are awful by the way, doesn't even compare! And there is a Jewel up the road that once in a while has the apple cinnamon one.... Please share your awesome products more before I start going through granola withdraws! Signed - a Bakery On Main junkie, Rosemary

Thanks Rosemary and look out for our package. :-) As always, if you would like to share your gluten free story, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!