Gluten Free Story Friday - Allisun

Happy Friday! Today we’re highlighting one of our superfans from the far north! This is Allisun, and she is from Montreal, Canada!

When we asked Allisun for a photo, she sent us this one. Awesome!

Not long ago we heard from Allisun, who wanted to start a Bakery On Main revolution. This past fall, Allisun went on a girl's getaway to Florida, where one of her friends purchased a pack of our Extreme Fruit & Nut gluten free granola. They mixed it with vanilla yogurt and bananas, and ate it for breakfast and lunch. In fact, Allysun said, they would have eaten it for supper too if the weekend hadn’t been all about food. The group was thrilled when they noticed the granola was made in Connecticut, given that Allisun travels to CT so often and could more granola up for them.   Soon after the group of friends arrived back home, one of the girls found our granola at a big grocery store in Montreal. Allisun bought every bag of Extreme Fruit & Nut the store had. The buzz hadn’t hit Montreal yet and the store stopped selling them soon after she bought all the bags, instead carrying their own brand (she called it a “whatever” granola).   Allisun, like many others Bakery On Main fans, believe the whole problem with our granola is you can't know how good it is, unless you try it. Her plan was to get sample packs for her friends and neighbors, to get them addicted and create demand. So Allisun wrote us, to find out where our products are sold in Montreal. Allisun recently started a blog ( to document her journey as a new writer. When we checked it out we were impressed a) by how entertaining she is; and b) that she made mention of us in it! Thanks Allisun, we are honored by your idea and happy to help! Look for a package in the mail! ;-) -The Bakery On Main Team