Gluten-Free Preparations for a Big Storm!

Located in New England, we have our fair share of storms and power outages every year here at Bakery On Main. In fact, this coming weekend we are preparing for a big Nor'easter (a very bad winter blizzard in New England for those of you who are not familiar with our lingo) that is supposed to leave much of New England buried in 10-20 inches of snow depending on location. Not a problem for us New Englander's we're used to this. The summers are always hotter and the winters always colder and losing our power is really just another thing we encounter and cope with. We will gather around a candle or fire (depending on the time of year) munch on PB&J, dry cereal or spaghetti o's from the can and play cards or a board game to pass the time until the lights come back on. Regardless of where you call home, chances are you will experience power outages and find yourself stranded home cuddling with your loved ones thanks to good ole' mother nature.

Now for those of us who must eat gluten free or are seeking healthier alternatives than over processed macaroni, finding what we would dub "storm food" can be a challenge. Plus, storms come in two ways; predicted and non-predicted obviously the latter being much more difficult to prepare for.

Here are some provisions you can have on hand for those times when you are stuck and not expecting to be!

  • Bottled water - the essential to life, this baby is a must have.
  • Canned Tuna - Natural Sea brand offers all pole & line caught skipjack tuna, its certified kosher, dolphin safe and served in a BPA-free can!
  • Peanut Butter - A tasty snack everyone is sure to love. For certified gluten-free & vegan try Smart Balance.
  • Crackers - An awesome gluten-free & vegan brand is Mary's Gone Crackers
  • Tortilla Chips - (Non-GMO of course) I like the Garden of Eatin Blue tortilla chips!
  • Salsa - My favorite is Pico de Gallo or Chesapeake style where you have hardly any liquid and all fresh chunks of tomato, onion, chiles with cilantro!
  • Canned fruit & vegetables - For a list of Non-GMO listed you can check here!
  • Dried Fruit & Nuts - Make sure it has been processed in a Gluten-Free facility! Check out our Bakery On Main of Granola!
If you happen to have a small propane grill or stove than that opens your options up even more! Pick-up some Amy's Gluten-Free canned soup, it comes in a large variety of flavors and is highly recommend by our office Celiac! If you are aware of an oncoming storm than this obviously gives you some more time to prepare. The one major tip I can give you would be to pick-up a bag of ice, this way you can fill a cooler with a few perishable items that you want to keep fresh for a few extra days! Hope this was helpful and if you're in New England like me than good luck this weekend and maybe consider picking up some snow shoes! For better living, -Bill