Gluten Free on the PCT

We would like you to meet Trevor! Trevor is a lead wilderness instructor teaching technical and soft skills to students from the ages of 14-21 focusing on rafting, backpacking, mountaineering, and climbing. He is also a person with a gluten free preferred diet, and the brother of a person living with Celiac Disease. He recently contacted us and shared his plans for 2,660 mile hike from Mexico to Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail. Trevor has been a Bakery On Main granola eater for quite some time and even shares with other instructors. With such a long journey ahead, he has to make sure all of his food is mailed to marked spots along the way. Of course we wanted his favorite trail snack to be a part of his diet so made sure he has some Extreme Fruit & Nut granola along the way! If you want to follow Trevor's gluten free journey on the PCT you can visit his site! Whats the best gluten free trip you have made? Did you pack a lot of your own food or plan out ahead of time where you were going to stop? Can't wait to hear your stories! Peace, Love & Granola, Whitney