Gluten Free on a budget!

A topic that comes up a lot when eating gluten free is how expensive it can be! Here are some ways to help you stay on the GF diet and keeping your wallet happy! 1. Try for naturally gluten free foods. Does it make you cringe a little every time someone finds out you are gluten free and exclaims “oh my gosh what do you eat?” Plenty of whole foods are naturally GF including fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and gluten free grains. Meat is naturally gluten free as well; just make sure if you are buying deli meat over the counter there is no hidden gluten! 2. Buy local This one doesn’t pertain just to the gluten free lifestyle! If you are buying local, from farmer’s markets, CSAs, or a store that sources locally, it is going to be cheaper because you will be buying what is in season. You can find a farmers market near you here. If you are looking for an organic market only you can find that here. 3. Buy in bulk A lot of your favorite bagged/boxed foods (like us!) are available by the case. If you know you are going to be purchasing the product often, then you can save a few $ if you buy it in bulk! 4. Look for those coupons! Sign up for newsletters where you can receive coupons from the company. These newsletters usually alert you to sales they have on their website or local retailers! (Did I mention we have a monthly coupon?) 5. Gluten Free Events If you have ever been to a gluten free event/expo vendors sometimes will sell product at a discount as well. If you want to find an upcoming event near you, you can check out Gluten Free Calendar for a detailed list, or check where BOM is going to be on our calendar! 6. Find helpful bloggers There are plenty of gluten free bloggers out there with already made recipes so you don't have to waste ingredients(and $) to try and perfect that gluten free baked good you have been trying! Try and check out Gluten Free On A Shoestring, The Healthy Apple, Gluten Free Girl for some ideas! What are you tips on eating GF on a budget? Please share! Peace, Love & Granola, Whitney