Fireside Pizza in Tahoe, CA – Gluten Free Grubspots

Howdy everyone!  I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a great spot to grab a gluten free meal in Tahoe California. The restaurant is called Fireside Pizza and it is located within the Squaw Valley Olympic Training resort/compound. It’s actually quite funny because, Whitney and I had just finished setting up our Truebar booth in the IronMan village and were both starving because we had been traveling all day and it was about 5pm PST. So, we basically just went into the first restaurant within sight. We entered through the back entrance so we really had no idea that we were actually walking into a Zagat rated restaurant with a menu that had an abundance of clearly labeled gluten free options. So when we actually saw the menu, we were quite surprised and excited. Not only was the menu clearly labeled but, the wait staff was very knowledgeable about “that whole gluten free thing.” For example we ordered the gluten free pitas with hummus appetizer and it was delicious; so we asked our server how they made the pitas. He was able to list the ingredients they used and how it was prepared right away, without a startled look on his face or having to walk away to ask someone. So, for my meal… I was tempted and almost caved on the gluten free pizza (pizza is probably my favorite food) they even had their own house made gluten free dough. However, earlier while reading on my flight, I saw a recipe for an awesome looking macaroni and cheese. Well, it so happened they had that on the menu but a gluten free version, so I figured it was fate. The pasta was made with quinoa and I could hardly tell, perhaps it was the warm gooey gouda cheese, ham, and you know I opted to add fresh jalapenos and bacon bits. Delicious.

Whitney went slightly healthier with the Pear & Gorgonzola salad which was mixed greens tossed with red onions and balsamic dressing, served with bosc pear slices then topped with gorgonzola cheese and candied walnuts and grilled shrimp. It was crouton free and gluten intolerant safe. Fireside is open year round and I highly recommend paying it a visit if you are in the Truckee or Tahoe area. Known for it’s excellent ski season perhaps you can make it your next winter vacation? If you do stop in, and let me know what you thought! For better living, -Bill