Eating Gluten Free for a Week - The Gluten Free Challenge: Allan

I started the week with a positive attitude because I planned ahead. I made sure I wasn't traveling that week and I purchased a loaf of Rudi's gluten free bread because I knew bread would be the thing I would miss most. I usually don’t snack too often, but when I had the urge, a Truebar or Pamela’s cookies with a glass of milk satisfied my desire. Breakfast was the easiest for me because my usual breakfast options are already gluten free, like Bakery On Main Traditional Instant Oatmeal with blueberries or strawberries, Bakery On Main granola or eggs with bacon. Lunch was much more difficult since my go-to lunch is a sandwich. I made my sandwiches using the gluten free bread, which was tolerable but I was craving real bread. I told myself I just had to make it through this week, and then I realized that celiacs don't get to have real bread, ever. It was a real breakthrough for me in understanding our customers. Dinner wasn't quite as hard since I wasn’t traveling that week and at home, I rarely have bread with dinner. One night I had a dinner salad, broiled salmon and cauliflower, which worked well for me. I love to grill, so another night I had grilled chicken over a large salad which you can see below.

Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables

Even though I wasn't traveling, I decided to go out to eat so I could understand that side of a celiac's life. I went to Houlihan’s, which thankfully has a gluten free menu. It was nice to eat out at a restaurant but the homemade bread that was brought to the table was very tempting! I was able to resist however, and ordered a salad without the croutons while I watched everyone else at the table eat bread. For dinner I had a steak with a baked potato and vegetables, which was delicious! I can't imagine how hard it must be for someone with celiac disease who travels, since just one meal at a restaurant was challenging for me. I am sure it would have been even more difficult had I been on the road traveling and meeting clients. All in all, I now have a better understanding of the challenges a celiac encounters. -Allan Bakery On Main National Sales Manager