Eating Gluten Free For A Week - Gluten Free Challenge: Todd

My week was interesting. I mostly struggled with keeping an eye on labels. What a pain to have to read panels on items that you know are (or should be) GF but may contain some form of gluten from a sub-ingredient or covertly labeled wheat filler.

Another challenge was travelling while on the diet. I’m usually out in the field 2-3 days a week. I travelled to NJ last week and made sure I mapped my route and timed it so I would end up at or near a Natural Foods Market where I could find GF options. My supper options were limited. I asked the hotel front desk for a list of restaurants in the vicinity and had to call 6 before I found one with a GF menu. (luckily more and more restaurants are offering GF menus. Otherwise this would have taken much longer than 6 phone calls). Breakfasts were easy. Most consisted of Bakery on Main Granola, granola bars, fruit and coffee. Had eggs and bacon one day. Just not the same without the toast… (I didn’t buy any bread substitutes because most are high in calories and don’t substitute well for the real thing). All in all a good experience. I can honestly say that it must be very difficult having a food allergy and having to be mindful of that allergy all day – every day. I truly appreciate what Celiac and Gluten Intolerant sufferers have to deal with on daily basis. Not easy… Tuna lettuce wraps that Todd made himself for lunch one day. These look delicious! A bunless burger Todd had for dinner one evening - Todd Einig East Region Sales Manager Bakery On Main