Eatin' Gluten Free in Miami! - Gluten Free Grubspots

Hola! I apologize this post is delayed as my trip was actually two weeks ago but, this is honestly the first time I have had free to actually sit down and blog! Soon as I returned from Miami, my focus was immediately on the Boston Marathon Expo which Sara and I attended from last Thursday - Sunday. We had a great time at the Expo and the events in Boston are so unfortunate as it really is a spectacular event with so many wonderful people! So on my trip to Miami I figured being that South Beach is a common tourist spot, it would be nice to try and find a decent gluten free meal there. However, after walking all of Ocean Drive and asking for gluten free menus; I quickly realized this was going to be easier said than done. In fact, one hostess who I asked about a gluten free menu said " Oh yes!" (Which got me very hopeful.) "We have lots of gluten free food. Um let me see." (We start looking at the menu together at this point.) She continues, "Well yeah all you can't have is the pizza... oh and the sandwiches and most of these appetizers... and we would have to take the croutons off our salads." Then I added "And the pasta clearly unless you have a wheat free option." Which just a drew a confused look on her as she said "Uhh, yeah no I don't think so. So I would stick to anything in this section." She pointed to the seafood section which, obviously contained a few baked options so I just said "Okay well yeah so like less than a quarter of your menu? Good. Perfect. Okay, well... I think I am going to keep looking for a bit but I may be back!" It's funny because I asked another hostess if she had a gluten free menu and her response was "Well yeah, but what do you mean?" and when I said "Well, then you probably just don't have it, its no problem!" with a smile she got very angry. She was all offened that I assumed she had no idea what gluten free meant. She started mumbling "Why do people do that? That's so rude and offensive I have been in the food business for 10 years, I know what gluten free means. I was just wondering because we have certain dishes that don't contain gluten." I felt a little bad because I actually was not trying to be rude and I didn't want her to think I thought she was stupid. But I did tell her that I was trying to find a gluten free menu and that her response to my question did not really make sense and normally when people do not have a gluten free menu they ask "What do you mean?" She then just got angry and said. "Well I have worked her for 10 years and I can tell you for sure that none of the restaurants on this strip will have a set gluten free menu." And, she was right. I could not find a single spot that had a designated gluten free menu. So, I did what anyone with a gluten intolerance would do and ordered off the general menu with caution.


The place I stopped at was called Primetime, its at the foot of the Waldorf Towers and like all the South Beach Ocean drive eateries, it has a fantastic outdoor seating area along the sidewalk. The service was fantastic and my server was very helpful about making sure everything I ordered was gluten free. I love blackened fish sot the blackened mahi mahi was a no brainer for me. I was unsure about the yellow rice so I had the server ask and he came back with a no. So instead he kindly offered me a house or ceaser salad. I ordered the house with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, with a glass of Cabernet from Chile that he recommended. The food was fantastic and although it was disappointing to see that there was no restaurant with a set gluten free menu, I still recommend having lunch or dinner on South Beach as the people watching and atmosphere is like non other! [gallery type="slideshow" ids="|"] For better living, -Bill