Bakery On Main Halloween Candy!

Well technically it's not candy but, it tastes just as good!


Yesterday, we received this letter from Virginia and thought, "What a great idea!" So, for those of you who are interested in offering Bakery On Main gluten free snacks to your Halloween trick or treaters, we have created the following promotional discounts valid through Sunday, October 27, 2013. Order 10 granola snack packs (the small 1.5 oz bags) for $10 by entering promotional code - halloweengranola ($7.90 savings!) Order 10 Truebars for $10 by entering promotional code - halloweentbar ($9.90 savings!) Order 2 boxes of Soft & Chewy or our Granola bars for a $2.00 savings by entering promotional code - halloweengbar Thank you Virginia and those of you who responded to Sara's "Having a Gluten Free Safe Halloween" blog post for the inspiration! Have a happy and safe Halloween! - The Bakery On Main Team