A new take on TV dinners...

A friend and I made plans to watch one of our favorite shows together yesterday and thought it would be fun to cook dinner as well. It only took about 25 minutes all together to make this delicious naturally gluten free meal!

We started off our salad with a bed of spinach and arugula. We added toasted walnuts (with just a tad of maple syrup), dried cranberries, and apple slices. You can really use any type of dressing(make sure there is no hidden gluten) We used a balsamic vinaigrette. ( I recommend Newman's Own) Total prep time-5 minutes

Now for the meal!

Scallops, Asparagus and Rice. Yum.

Asparagus was just drizzled with olive oil, add a little salt & pepper, put it on a cooking sheet and roast in oven (425 F) for 5-10 minutes.

Scallops were cooked in iron skillet with a little oil, salt & pepper (2-3 minutes each side)

The rice was actually the only thing that took longer than 10 minutes to make! Chopped some scallions up and threw them on the rice for some extra flavor!

The meal was perfect. Now if I had only done some GF baking for dessert.....

Please share your favorite easy-to-cook meals : )

Peace, Love & Granola