6 Healthy Noodle Alternatives by Amber Vesey

Hi Everyone, it is my pleasure to introduce Amber the creator of Eat's and Exercise by Amber. On her blog, Amber shares easy recipes, positive vibes and body image promotion, as well as her love of fitness. She believes that in order to be healthy, you must first be happy and that comes from self-love and a positive mindset!  This is one of the main reasons we have added her to our "Blogs We Love" section of our website. For daily doses of inspiration, follow her on instagram @eatsandexercisebyamber. Here's a little sneak peak into one of Amber's delicious food focused blogs! Enjoy! Prior to my Celiac diagnosis, I would have diagnosed myself as a Pastaholic. Angel Hair, Fuscilli, and mounds of Pastina piled high on my plates and bowls. I panicked at the thought of never being able to enjoy noodles again, until I found gluten free pasta. It took some trial and error to find a type that would please my pick palate, but even still, gluten free noodles just didn't agree with my irate intestines. I have learned through trial and error that my IBS doesn't handle large amount of simple carbs very well, so to get my noodle fix, I needed to search elsewhere.... The hunt for alternative noodles began! Whether you have Celiac, a Gluten Allergy/Intolerance, or are simply looking for a healthier pasta alternative, I've got ALL your pasta problem solved! 1. Zucchinni Noodles - Zoodles 2. Spaghetti Squash 3. Cucumber Noodles - Coodles 4. Rice Noodle 5. Sweet Potato Noodle 6. Carrot Noodle The Tools: Spiralizer - I own this one, Paderno World Cuisine Tri Blade Spiral Slicer Hand Held Spiralizer Julienne Peeler - for spaghetti style noodles Regular Peeler - for fettucini style noodles For more information on how to create and cook these noodles, as well as recipe ideas, check out Amber's own website Eats and Exercise by Amber.