Back to School Gluten Free

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When living the gluten free lifestyle, summer can be the best time of year with more food freedom and home cooked meals! With summer winding down, school will be back in session before we know it. Have no fear! Going back to school doesn’t have to mean unsafe food.

Follow these guidelines for a safe school experience.

Your child is his/her own biggest advocate.

Make sure they are educated enough to explain to someone what they can and cannot eat. This will help them feel in control and give them the confidence they need. Bonus tip* have them help in planning their lunches! They will learn which ingredients are safe and can pick their own healthy snacks!

Talk to your child’s teacher.

Give the teacher a quick rundown of celiac/gluten free needs. Small print out will work!

Talk to other parents

Get the rundown of when birthday celebrations etc are going on so you can pack a GF treat and your little one isn’t left out.

What tips for going back to school gluten free do you find helpful? Please share with us! Check out more information for back to school gluten free tips from National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.  

Peace, Love & Granola,